Me & My Journey

About me

My name is Paige, I currently live in the UK after spending the last 15 months living out of a rucksack on my crazy gap year away! I’m currently studying Fitness Instructing with hopes of progressing onto the Personal Training qualification so hopefully as time goes on my knowledge should grow along side my blog!

My fitness journey
Annoyingly growing up I was once one of those girls who could eat what they wanted & stayed  slim (although I typically always thought I was fat – what an overreaction!!) Through school I was always involved in sports and all my jobs had me on my feet all day so I ate pretty horrendously and got away with it. I was super fussy with food barely eating meat/fruit or veg despite all my mums attempts and had no idea on nutrition at all.

Fast forward two years into my first “real” job, I found myself sitting on my butt all day, eating ridiculous amounts of crap, growing up we didn’t ever snack in my house so suddenly I found myself eating multiple packets of crisps & sweets and gaining about 13kg..

(The top left being me at my biggest, the lower being me after about a stone of weight loss and the right two being me at my smallest to date)


It was in 2014 when I finally saw the light, being shown the worlds most unflattering picture of myself I decided to make a change! 18 months later after 6 months of military boot camp and a year and a half of slimming world I was 15kg lighter and “healthier” than ever ready for my gap year away.

Now in some ways my year away helped me with regards to my diet, I found myself trying new food & enjoying things I’d told myself I didn’t like but really didn’t allow myself to really try, being able to eat a meal without picking out every onion or tomato really can change a life! But mostly I found myself cramming down $5 dominoes and drinking more alcohol (goon for you that have been to oz!!) than I’d consumed in all 22 years of my life which leads us to today if anyone’s still with me..


So its 2017 and I decided I’m going to make a change, I’m not going on another vacation wishing I’d hit the gym harder and lost a few more pounds.So I’ve decided to educate myself, I couldn’t tell you the amount of fitness blogs I’ve read, how many Instagram posts I’ve scanned and workout videos I’ve saved on you tube. In the last few weeks I’ve completely changed my whole diet and started introducing new workouts in order to really make a change! Now you know my story hopefully you’ll stick with me and we can all make some changes and fight the flab together!!!

Lots of love,

Paige x


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