About F2F



I’m Paige, I’m a 22 Marketing Assistant/part time student & full time food lover!

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I created my tester child (AKA blog no1) before I left on my whirlwind gap year adventure as I wanted to create a platform where I could log exactly what I was doing/how I was feeling, somewhere people could come to searching for answers or advice and thus A Backpacking Blonde was born.. Unfortunately I ended up neglecting this whilst I was gallivanting around the world so I felt it was time for a fresh start, this being Flab2Fabb!

I wanted to start blogging my fitness journey for 2 main reasons; firstly to monitor my progress and changes, the ones I’m unlikely to see each day I look in the mirror or during the thousand times I step on the scale. I also wanted somewhere to both share and grow my knowledge from the beginning throughout, somewhere that complete newbies like me can come to find idea’s and answers. I often spend hours traipsing through Instagram inspirations only to find half a story or completely unrealistic results, I want this blog to be different – not just the positives but the negatives!

I really hope you enjoy!

Paige x