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Protein Pancakes for Pancake Day!

So it was Pancake day this week which is just another excuse to be bad and slightly less strict on the diet right? WRONG! Now I’m not going to lie and pretend I didn’t eat two pancakes so full with nutella they barely rolled up but I did regret this decision later.. if I’d been more prepared I would have made some protein pancakes ready to bring in to work but with it being on a Monday my brain was frazzled so full fat pancakes it was!


Now below is the recipe I used to make my protein pancakes today, I’ve been trying new ones each weekend and found I quite liked the consistency these ones gave! Before I give you the reciepe I feel (like I said in the beginning) I have to be completely honest about these pancakes. I don’t know if these people who post those insane protein pancake stack pics  work evenings or shifts or what but I see daily posts about these being whipped up for breakfast which just seems crazy to me. These pancakes took me at least 30 minutes to make and they weren’t even fancy pants ones like the ones I see regulatly popping up on my timeline!

I get that once you’ve made these a few times it does get quicker and easier but today it took me a whole kitchen worktop, several kitchen utensils and a bloody cookie cutter to try and make these look even half edible. I then had to get my my mother in law to hold my stack of pancakes in various places around the house to try and get good lighting whilst I ‘drizzled’ (this in fact turned into more of a ‘plopping’) peanut butter on them in order to try and get the perfect Instagram shot.

This to me just isn’t realistic, I leave for work at 8am each day, there is no way  I have time to ‘whip’ up a stack of pancakes each morning! So keepin it real as always please see below my ‘action’ shots of my mini stack of pancakes which I am actually quite proud of, a few more attempts and these may be Instagram worthy (with a disclaimer of course 😉)




  • 1 x banana
  • 45g of rolled oats
  • 2 x eggs
  • 1 scoop of protein powder (I use Olympus BedRock)

Just whisk the above into a mix and fry on the hob using frylight/coconut oil as you would with regular pancakes and voila!!

Have any of you tried protein pancakes? What reciepe do you do? Have you managed to get the perfect stack of pancakes mastered? Comment below!

Paige x




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