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Becoming a Student Ambassador for THE GYM Group!

I haven’t really delved too much into my fitness routine where I go to workout but I will blog about this at another time, in short I use ‘The Gym’ (the chain group of 24/7 super cheap gym’s) almost everyday. There is one in my town about 5 minutes from work which means I can pop in before and after work which is perfect for me, especially as I have to drive past it so I really do not have an excuse not to go!

Recently I saw an advertisement that my gym was looking for student ambassadors so I sent over my CV not really know what to expect and arranged an interview for Monday just gone. Not too sure how I would have felt being rejected for a voluntary role but luckily they asked me in for a taster and I started that same day!

I wasn’t really too sure  what to expect or what I’d be doing and I really didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did! I was quite lucky in the fact that I already knew quite a few of the PT’s  from going there as a client but everyone was so nice and so passionate about what they do which was really infectious!

Since my first shift I’ve completed another 3 of my compulsory 5 hours a week (this is in return for a free membership which is awesome!) and it’s safe to say I love it there! Getting involved with the classes is really fun and its so good getting to learn from people who have years of experience in the industry. Plus I found myself receiving quite a few workout/diet tips for free which I’d usually have to pay for or be a client so that was a bonus, as well as the free membership of course!

Are any of you gym ambassadors? If so how do you find it?

Paige x



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