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I will be honest, up until about a month ago I had no idea what macros were. I was forever hearing people talk about counting their macros or how many macros were in this and that but to me it was just gym junkie jargon, a secret only for bodybuilders and serious gym bunnies which did not include me.

It was only yesterday when I met with my best friend Lauren that I realised I wasn’t alone, when having our regular moan about our weight I told her I’d started watching my macros and she had no idea what I was going on about. It made me think about all the other people out there who have no idea what these really simple (to me now) things are so I thought I’d try to explain it in the simplest way possible as it’s really helped me change my diet!
So there are 3 main types of macros (also known as macro nutrients)


I feel like a lot of people seem to be scared of eating too much protein, with the fear that along with lifting weights they will suddenly turn into a bulk machine which unfortunately for most is not the case. Protein is vital for muscle growth and repair and should not be neglected!


I admit I have always been under the impression that too many carbs leads to weight gain, I also used to think that carbs were only found in bread, potato, pasta etc.. how wrong was I! It’s only since counting my macro’s I’ve realized carbs seem to be in everything!!!!! Though rest assured carbs are not the enemy anymore!


Fat is another one of the macro’s that needs monitoring and like everything there is good and bad fat, good being the fat in things such as eggs and avocado’s and bad being in pizza, etc though all can be eaten in moderation when tracking macro’s!

So now I’ve explained the types of macro how do I know how much to have?

Good question! For Macro calculation I would use a website such as IIFYM as they give you really specific results for what you’re looking to do IE. maintain,¬†lose weight or gain muscle, this takes into consideration how much exercise you do, your height/weight/age and your job so its super accurate! So for example my daily macro’s for me to lose weight are;

  • 114g of Protein
  • 50g Fat
  • 194g Carbs

That means I can eat pizza, chocolate, cake, cookies whatever the hell I want AS LONG as I stick within my macro’s! Not so complicated now is it?

But what about calorie counting I hear you ask?!

When counting your macro’s you are calorie counting! It’s so simple to work out;

  • For every 1g of protein there is – 4 calories
  • For every 1g of fat this is – 9 calories
  • For every 1g of carbs there is – 4 calories

So all you have to do is times the amount of grams you’ve eaten to work out your daily calorie intake, so mine would be 1684 due to the amount of exercise I do this is pretty high but it does give me the option to cut calories if I really want to budge fat fast!

I really hope this has made things a little bit more simple for you all but if anyone has any questions please do comment below or contact me!

Paige x


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